Draw a dog nose

Drawing dog noses isn't especially hard, at least not if you can settle on a semi-detailed one. Here's a basic dog nose.

Step 1
Okay, start with a diamond shape. This nose is shown in a three quarter angle from slightly above.

Step 2
Draw the nostrils, and a thin line in the middle to divide it into two halves.

Step 3
Wow, I sure write a lot on each step *sarcastic* Anyway. Dog noses are textured, sort of like scales, but that is hard to draw and takes awfully long, so we'll just hint it here. Start to fill in the colour. Remember that a dog nose is wet, with a highlight on it (when hit by light).

Step 4
There you go! Unless you were just going to draw a nose and nothing more, continue with the rest of your pup! If you have nothing better to do, practice drawing noses from different angles - practice could never hurt!

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