Draw a dog paw

Drawing dog paws aren't all that hard, but I encourage you to study real paws. There is nothing better than looking at a real dog's paw to see what it looks like! Here's a little step-by-step lesson to help get you started.

Step 1
Start with the basic shape. Different breeds have different paws. There are round paws, cat paws... This is just some random paw. See the bump? That's the fifth toe - the dog's thumb! The thumb is always on the inside of the leg, usually just on the front legs. This is the right front paw.

Step 2
Add each toe and the claws. Remember, the claws aren't huge and razor sharp. They usually touch the ground barely, if at all, and are (hopefully) well cut. You can also draw a few lines to help you decide where to put muscles, skeleton etc, if you want to do that.

Step 3
Fill in the colour - don't forget the pawpads! Also, you can see how I've hinted depth by drawing fur on the toes and the inside of the leg. See how different it makes the pic look, when comparing to the one on step 2. You can also start to erase lines that you don't want to keep.

Step 4
If you were planning to colour the pic, it's time for that now. If, like above, you're not, just fill in the last details. There we go. A paw. Not very hard, as you can see. Do practice on drawing all four paws, they all look a little different! Also try to draw paws from different angles, including above ground. That's much better practice than just drawing the same paw over and over! Try drawing the paw of a puffindog - they have 6 toes on each paw! They have two thumbs, to help them climb better!
Below: Same paw, different angles!


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