Dogz Faces

When you draw a pet from a petz pic, there are some things that can help you. Here I'll try to explain them :)
You won't learn every single detail here, I'll just try to go through the basics...
This tutorial was made to help you draw dogz from the computer game Petz, but heck, it works for all dogs, you can use the same balls, same rules etc! 

Ballz, ballz, ballz...
If you can hex, you know that petz are made of lots and lots of ballz. Each part of the pet is a ball. There are two balls for the jowls, one for the belly and so on. Some parts, like the ears, are made from several balls. The pic above might help to show you how a dogz "skeleton" looks! In fact, if you can hex, you already know some of the basics when it comes to drawing dogz - believe it or not!

Use those ballz!
If you have read other drawing tutorials, you might have been told to use balls to help you draw things. So what? Well, look at the dogz! They are nothing but ballz! The perfect drawing object! Use the ballz to draw a dogz!
You should be able to see how I've used the ballz to draw the dogz above, even though these fellas aren't all that detailed.

Few thing varies as much as eyes! Every artist has a different way to draw eyes! Above are some examples. Some work better on certain breedz than others!
The "slightly realistic" is my own style - the one I prefer. Since I like to study and draw slightly more realistic dogs, this is the eye style that I've developed. It's basically a mix between anime and realistic (!) with a touch of cartoon ;)

It's a boy! No, it's a girl! ...What the heck is it?
As you might now, in the petz world we have two genders: male and female. What's the difference between those two? Well, in the petz game it can be awfully hard to tell by looks, but when drawing petz, you might want to keep in mind that females are generally smaller, lighter and less muscular than males. Thinnger legs, smaller paws and sleeker muzzles are ways to hint feminity. If that doesn't help, you could always add some eyelashes. That one never fails, even though I don't really like it personally. C'mon, real dogs don't have long eyelashes! Well, except my cocker Nellie, but those are cut off when I cut her fur *whistles inncently*
So, how to make a dog look more guy-like? Well, just reverse the female process! Thick, muscular legs and paws, thick neck, heavy jaw and chin are ways to make your dog look all macho. If all fails, give him a tie! *lol* Just kidding!

Large eyes, rounded lines, little or no chin = female
Small eyes, straight lines, big chin = male

Puppy vs. Adult
Pups and adults look different, in case you noticed. If you want more help on drawing pups, I have another tutorial, one on Baby Animals, so I won't go through everything here. But basically, pups have larger heads and eyes (compared to the body), fatter bodies, larger paws, shorter tails and so on. Try drawing the same dog as both pup and adult!

Breed differences
All breeds look different, although some look similar. Some breeds, like the german shepherd and the sheepdog, are sheepdogs (well, duh, it says in their name!) and they need to be smart, agile and strong. Other breeds, like the pug or the papillon, are companion dogs, meant to look cute and innocent more than anything else. As you might guess, some breedz must be drawn entirely differently! No pet has been changed as much as the dog, and some breeds can be awfully hard to get right, like the bulldog (at least that's what I think!)! So to help you, I have made an example list of sorts, which you can see at the final page, Page 2!

Well, I've told you what I can about the basics when it comes to drawing dogz faces. I can't hold your hand and move it around until you've drawn a dog. You have to do that bit yourself! But now that I've told you everything you ever need to know, you can draw a perfect dog, right? Wrong! First off, I don't know that much. This is just what I keep in mind while drawing. There is always more to learn, no matter how good you get! Second, you don't become a pro just because you've read a tutorial. You need to practice! That's what makes you good! So go to Page 2 and read the list, choose a breed and start practicing! I wish you luck, and I hope, no, I know, that you will do well if you don't give up and keep trying! 
Between you and me... Boring school lessons are a perfect opportunity to do some doodling ;)

Page 2, the breedz list

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