Dogz Faces 2 - breedz list

Okay, here we go! I've included a pic of each breed (from the FunPack clipart in Petz 5, mostly) as well as two examples of each breed. Feel free to use these examples, just don't claim that you made them :)
These are just sketches (C'mon, I don't have the patience to draw 30 coloured images for one tutorial!) but they should do the job. The pics are based more off the real breedz, rather than the petz versions... So if you don't know anything about petz but wanted to see the list anyway, perhaps you could still have use for it :)

Breed  FunPack Pic Ex 1 Ex 2 Lil Facts
Bulldog Bulldogs were originally fit bullfighters, but breeding has changed their whole appearance. Today, their nose is so short and their head so large that many cannot be born without surgical help.
Chihuahua The chihuahua has a shorter nose than you often realize. It has a round head and not as large ears as the petz version. Chihuahuas are not toys, they are tough dogs that require as much training as any other breed.
Dachshund Dachies don't have long backs, like people often think, they just have short legs! They are hunting dogs, tough enough to encounter a fox or badger.
Dalmatian You might not have thought about it that way, but the dalmatian is a hound, a hunter bred for lots of excerise and activity! The petz dalmatian's ears doesn't look much like a RL-ones, their ears should NEVER be entirely black. Dalmatians can also have liver spots.
Golden retriever Goldens are active and outdoorsy. They require exercise every day and need to be brushed now and then. In return, they make excellent companions! They love nothing more than to retrieve object, especially if they have to swim!
German shepherd The german shepherd looks very different in Europe and America. The european shepherd is built for work, while the american is built more for showing. Personally, I prefer the european one. After all, it's a german breed - the germans ought to know best what it should look and act like!
Great dane The great dane is actually a german breed! It's one of the largest breeds around, in fact!
In many countries cropping ears is said to be cruel and has been made illegal, so many danes now have adorable floppy ears :)
Keep in mind that harlequin danes are not spotted like dalmatians, they have larger and smaller patches of black.
Jack russell terrier The happy-going jack russell has never been officially recognized - until now! I don't know about other countries, but in Sweden this breed is now finally getting recognized as its own breed!
Labrador retriever This bristish breed comes in three colours, and is famous for its love for food! But it's also a strong and atlethic breed, originally bred to retrieve game for its master. It requires lots of exercise to be happy.
Mutts Well, this isn't a real life breed, so I can't really say much about it ;) Muttz are playful and active, and few breedz come in so many variations - just think about all the different patches that mutts can have!
Papillon Papillons are french little toy dogs. They are considered the only working toy breed, and is a popular agility dog in Sweden. There is also a closely related breed with hanging ears, the phaléne.
Poodle Poodles are not as fussy in RL as in Petz. In fact, they're the opposite! They're one of the very smartest breeds around, happy, easy to please and good watchdogs too! They were originally water spaniels, but today they are just sweet companions.
Pug The pug originates from Asia, where it was popular among the rich and famous. It's a funny little dog. Some think it's adorable, others call it ugly. No matter what you think about it, it's sure to get your attention!
Scottish terrier The scottie is a clever, but perhaps a little stubborn, terrier. It's usually black, but also comes in for example wheaten. It is one of the more elegant terrier breeds, even though it was originally a tough hunter.
Sheepdog Sheepdogs were originally tough herders, their thick coat protecting them from the english rain. Today, the beautiful white/grey fur is more for showing. Many sheepdog owners choose to shave their dog unless they're planning to show it.

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