Finnish reindeer herder
The 3rd lapphund breed ;)

FCI standard #284 
Group 5: Spitz and primitive types, Section 3: Nordic watchdogs and Herders, #4: Finland: Lapinporoko´ra (Finnish reindeer herder)

Extras: Has feathers on the thigh, these do not affect the dogs' movements and should look perfect in 2nd+ dogs. Please note the individual ball size variations! Look at the bottom for details lol
As you can see, the ears point up when the dog poses. I'm afraid there isn't much I can do about this, unless I remove these ears all together and make new ones, which I'd rather not, since I like the current ones: they move well with the dogs :)
The apparently smooth feathering on the posing dog isn't really there, I guess the pic was just messed up. If you compare with the other two pics of the same dog you can see that it is really fuzzy. This particular doggie as the thin tail and feathering, medium length legs and long snout variation. 
Please ignore the body shape on the dogz below as I've changed the breed since then.

A few RL ones: My fave hehe!

Puppy ^^

The breed is known to look a bit different in different areas etc in RL, therefore I have included a few size, extension etc variations.

The finnish reindeer herder is a powerful working dog well known for its abilities. Here are a few showing what they can do!

Rescue dog

Colour variations:

I removed all possible white leg markings to show the "real base colour" of the legs. All of these variations come with or without the white leg markings shown below ;) If the dogs in the table below have white on their legs, this white is always included with the variations. They still come with or without the head variations unless otherwise mentioned.

If there is a 2nd pic, this is the new eyelid variation. If there is only one pic, this is the only colour the eyelid comes in

Black with cream markings
Grey with 2 sets of white toes. White chest and neck patches always included.
Black with a lot of fawn
Black with fawn markings
Black with 3 white toes. Forehead patch always included.
Black with orange markings
Black with grey markings
Black with many brown markings
Red with cream markings
Black with brown markings
Black with many cream markings

White markings:

The breed comes with or without the following white markings/patches:

White neck patch
White chest patch (here together with a neck patch)
White forehead patch (here together white chest patch)
White snout patch (here together with forehead patch)
White toes, feet and ankles
White toes and feet
White toes
White toes, feet, ankles and wrists


Eye colour variations

The breed comes in the following eye colours:

Orange (69)
Brown (90 and 95)
Red brown (222)



I tried to include size overrides as well... Here they are!

Leg extension variations:

Longer legs (ext. 14/10) Medium legs (ext. 12/8) Shorter legs (ext. 10/6)

The medium legs are the most common


Face extension variations:

Long muzzle (ext. 8) Medium muzzle (ext. 7) Short muzzle (ext. 6)

Muzzle length is a bit hard to define ;) The short muzzle is the most common


Tail and thigh feathering size variations:

Thick tail and feathers Thin tail and thick feathers Thin tail and feathers Thick tail and thin feathers

Thin tail and feathers are the most common