PKC Petz bred by me

Here are PKC Petz bred by me. As you can probably guess, I'm VERY picky with who I give these to.... I will only adopt out to people that promise that they will show and compete in the petz, preferable not just in conformation but in GPC and Obedience/Aptitude as well :) In return, I promise you petz from pointed, active parents of high quality that compete in Conformation, GPC and Obedience/Aptitude. 

Nova Blue Kennel and Cattery go for quality, not quantity!
If you can no longer take care of a pet, send it back to me, please.
Keep NB in the prefix, but you may add your own as well, in fact I encourage you to! I do not currently use my other prefixes Nova and Nova Blue, I am "saving" them, so please only use NB for now!
Petz will be registered in the PKC before they go out, so if you want your prefix to be part of the petz name, tell me so when you apply for it. You can either keep the show name I've used, or if you really want a different one, tell me to change it.
This also means you won't recieve the pet until it's registered, but hey... You can wait that long, can't you? ;)

Along with the pet you will also get a special "NB-ID". What's this you ask? Well, this isn't something official in the PKC so to speak, it's simply a little ID for me, to help me keep track of the petz I've adopted out in the PKC! I can use this ID for trials etc held for Nova Blue Petz!
Once I've adopted out enough petz, I intend to hold special inoffical trials etc, such as pose shows, for "my" petters ;) All to keep you, the owners, active and happy with your petz!

In other words, these are the rules (they look like much... don't worry though ;)). 
If there is a problem, I will be happy to help and explain!

  • These petz are NOT freebies. They require a good application and I will not give them to you just because they are cute... All petz are cute! ;) If you want freebie petz, look at my other Adoptions (please do not register those in the PKC! *lol*)
  • I require of you to compete in the PKC. Not just register - compete! I want petz owned and bred by me to be active and as pointed as possible! *lol* I will even help you to get the required pics for different tasks, such as poses, good petz citizen pics etc. Just ask if you need help!
  • You will get a special NB-ID. Note that this isn't something that has to do with PKC or anything, it's just a little ID that I use to keep track of petz bred by me. You might need to use this ID to enter trials etc held by me, so keep track of it! You will also be able to see it here ;)
  • I will try to hold different unofficial trials, such as pose shows, for "my" petz. I just need to adopt out some petz first ;)
  • NB stays in the prefix, but you may add your own as well. I will give the puppies/kittens show names, but you can change them if you really want. All petz will be registered before they are sent out, so be sure to tell me if you want me to add your prefix and/or change the showname!
  • If you cannot or do not wish to keep the pet, send it back to me. You don't need to explain why, just send me something like "hi, here's XXX". I promise I won't be mad ;)
  • Updates are nice and loved but not required. I would very much like to see that the pet gets it own spot on a page, but if you can't I understand that of course ;) I will try to keep an eye out for show results and post here - feel free to send me updates! Of course I will cheer for "my" petters :D

Petz available for adoption

Swedish lapphunds, 3rd generation
Above you see the parents, Rc NB's Vikingason GPC "Balder" and UMZ/NB's Lilla Hårtuss GPC "Poof".
Balder is a promising lapphund, the first swedish lapphund ever registered with the PKC and with a minor BIS to his name. He needs but 2 more points to be a champion, and has his GPC title. He also has a 1st and a HM in novice obedience.
Poof is the daughter of UMZ's He's Got Bite and UMZ's Heat Of The Moment, both of which are pointed. Poof has major points and her GPC title. In fact, ALL of these pups relatives are pointed!

Swedish lapphunds, for those who have never owned one:
Swedish lapphunds are energetic and active dogs. They require lots of exercise and can be quite barky, especially when bored. Their fur needs regular brushing and they love activity. They are not the most agile dogs, however, being quite heavy, so training them can be a bit of a challenge, but it very rewarding, for once they learn they do their tricks with speed and pride! They are almost teddy bear-like in their appearance and are often found laying down with their head on their paws, looking sadly at you. But beware, they know how cute they are! ;) Lapps generally get along well with others, but can sometimes be a little reserved against other dogs.

The pups:
Sara is the firstborn, Salsa the 2nd and Silmaril the third. All are high quality lapphunds without faults in the show ring. I want them to go to show homes, and if possible to compete in obedience and GPC. I can fix the pics for you if you need help. Experience with fluffy spitzes, particulary herding spitzes, is a plus in the show ring, but not a must. The pups have show names, if you REALLY want a different name, tell me. However, like with all my lapphunds, they have swedish names, as a "theme". If you wish them to have another name, it "must" be swedish... Of course, I can translate from english for you! You can't trust the online translators around ;)
Ok, what are we waiting for... Here are the pups! 

Show name:
NB/UMZ's I Skogens Djup
Call name:
PKC#: Not registered yet
NB-ID: 002
Sara is friendly in a sort of shy way, playful and fun-loving. Just like her mom, she is not the fastest dog to learn new tricks, so she can be a fun challenge for the experied. She and Salsa are good friends, but she unfortunately does not get along with Silmaril.
Her name means "In the Depth of the forest".

Show name:
NB/UMZ's Extra Krydda
Call name:
PKC#: Not registered yet
Kept by me. Salsa has a very promising career, fitting the standard perfectly (in my opinion). I have very high hopes for her :) Her name means "Extra Spice".
Salsa gets along well with others and will hopefully be bred to either a dog of mine or of Shannon's. 

Show name:
NB/UMZ's Skenet Bedrar
Call name:
PKC#: Not registered yet
NB-ID: 004
Adopted by Shannon of UMZ. Silmaril is the youngest and proudest pup, just look at how high she carries her head! She loves to watch her owner, usually by sitting down with her head tilted to the side, blinking. She is curious and quite "talk-active"! She is a bit clumsy when training, but she might grow more agile as an adult ;)
Her name means "Looks are deceiving".

Want to apply for one of these pups? Email me with the following form:

Puppy that you want:
Your Prefix/Suffix:
Will you add your prefix/suffix?:
Do you want the show name changed, in that case to what?:
Do you need help getting the pics for conformation/Ob/GPC?:
How can I contact you when/if I need to?:

I will send you your puppy as soon as it's registred in the PKC =)
Note: Petz carry but two prefixes. I have Shannon's permission to add/remove UMZ from my petz. This means that if you want to add your prefix, the petz prefix will be NB/Your prefix, not NB/UMZ/Your prefix as petz in the PKC can carry only 2 prefixes. If someone who knows better than me can tell me how to solve this in a better way, tell me please =)

Please send me an adult pose of the dog when it's fully grown, so that I can post it here!

Planned litters in the future:

Ch NB's Contradiction GPC OD x NB's Actual Fantasy
Awaiting at least Rc status for Fiona.
(Smooth collies, 2nd generation)

Ch NB's Take it Easy x Rc NB's Bootz
Awaiting Essa's champion certificate and at least Ch status for Bootz (needs 1 more point)
(B+W shorthairs, 2nd gen)