Petz Show Winnerz

As you might notice, there are no drawn BIS winnerz any longer. Why? Well, to be blunt, it's a pain for me. Sorry, but drawing the winners take extra time to the point I don't want to judge the shows, and that isn't what I want. So I decided I'd rather enjoy judging normal shows, rather than waiting for as long as possible to make the awards. I hope you will understand :) I may draw at least some of the winners in the future, but right now I need a rest -_-;

Take a close look at the Dali BIS winner. That is exactly what I'm looking for in a dali pose. Perfection, yesh!

Previous BIS-winnerz at Supernova (since november 2002)

Catz Dogz
Rebecca's Tuxedo Camen Kt's Analyze This
Disturbed's Everybody Loves Him APC/UMZ Secret Isle of Naboombu
Ash PIB/UMZ Soup or Salad
Noodlez/UMZ Ti Amo EN/Disturbed's Pretty In Pink
RC's Wish Upon Me MOM/SSB's Trusting Soul
Rch W4's Egyption Princess UMZ/Cosar Jelly and Ice cream
HK's Ancient Wish UMZ Last Shot
HG's Feline of the Moon Cosar's Little Schnee
Paragon/Void's Make Me Bad Cosar Strawberry Flip
Void's Il Fait Du Soliel Cosar's Little Schnee
Kala/Void's Keeper of The Sight MC's Look Alike
Rebel/Understood's Icky Kitty W4's World Treasure
RKC's Abstract Speculation MJSK/W4's Morning Star
Ch RKC's It's All Greek To Me SMLK's Co-Pilot
IVY's What's Your Story? AP/Freestyle's Luthien Tinuviel
Random's Rising Impact
Obliquity's Happy Dayz
Cosar/Shadow's Never Cry
Void's First Star I See Tonight
420/Cosar Spot The Difference
Mohazzo/Cosar's Niagra Falls
Myst's Apricott Ice Cream
Risque's Jemenia Paddle Duck
WCK's Steel City Blues
Polaris/Cosar's Silver Shadows
Mohazzo/Cosar's Niagra Falls
White And Black SideRCK
Dali Dog Cat